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Zee-3 is a small independent publisher specialising
in original downloadable video games.

Browse our current roster of artists and products below,
and visit each website to find out more.


The Pickford Bros

The Pickford Bros™

The home of veteran video game developers John Pickford and Ste Pickford.

Keep up to date with their latest work through their blog, or browse their past work in the comprehensive archive and softography sections.

Magnetic Billiards

Magnetic Billiards™

The latest game by The Pickford Bros, currently at the 'alpha' testing phase on PC, and 'beta' on iOS.

Read the blog or follow our development diary on twitter.

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Naked War

Naked War™

The critically acclaimed PC strategy game by The Pickford Bros is now completely free to play.

Find out more on the Naked War website.

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Art of Soccer

Art of Soccer™

A new game by The Pickford Bros, currently at the prototype stage.

Follow development through the Art of Soccer blog.



The home of songwriter, musician and video artist, the unique Loop-Aznavour.

Listen to his music, watch his videos, and follow his blog on this website.

Pickford Bros Workshop

Pickford Bros Workshop

A place for The Pickford Bros to share their early prototypes or abandoned experiments.

Learn about some of the ideas that might make it into future games.